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Cleansing & Toning

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    Each Snowberry skin care product is formulated to help to counter one or more of the six enemies of radiant skin - free radical damage, metalloproteinase activity, glycation, dehydration, inflammation and discolouration. Where possible, as with the New Radiance Face Serum with Cu-PEP, the effectiveness has been proven by gold standard clinical trial. Very few anti-ageing skin care products are tested to this standard!
  • Body Care

    The problem with most body oils is that they don't absorb into your skin very well. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, RENEW Body Oil is a superb moisturising oil that is rapidly absorbed, non greasy and a luxurious blend of natural plant oils to provide deep hydration for all skin types. RENEW restores skin’s natural glow, helps to counter stretch marks and leaves it feeling wonderfully soothed! Use after bathing and as required.



  • Cleansing & Toning

    One of the most profound mistakes made by many women, says Soraya, is to ‘go cheap’ on their cleansing regime. Snowberry’s cleansers, toners, exfoliator and masks are designed to help maintain the skin’s pH and the natural micro flora that is an essential part of the skin’s defences. For this reason they do not include common but destructive volatile alcohols, anionic surfactants and other similarly aggressive chemicals, known to irritate and sensitise skin.

  • Exfoliation

    The regular removal of loose dead skin from the epidermis is healthy and contributes to skin radiance, but it should not be aggressive and in our view, should not be chemical. Snowberry’s Nourishing Exfoliator is formulated to gently remove old skin and is suitable for all skin types. Use in conjunction with the Soothing Facial Massage Oil.

  • Eye Care

    The skin under the eyes is up to ten times thinner than on other areas of the face. It becomes increasingly delicate and needs to be treated with extra care. Maturing eye skin also tends to lose its firmness and slacken faster than other areas of the face. A properly designed eye serum like Snowberry’s Smoothing Eye Serum is essential to help reduce eye bags and lines.

  • Moisturisers

    Regular moisturising and hydration of skin is an essential part of any skin anti-aging system. But Soraya says this should not include inorganic petrochemicals or silicones. Instead, Snowberry brings a wider range of skin compatible and deliciously restorative natural herbal oils than virtually any other brand.

  • Night Care

    It’s the skin’s essential repair time and is when Snowberry’s unique night creams help to hydrate while calming your skin, reducing inflammation and countering harmful free radical activity. Wake each morning to softer, smoother skin that is ready to take on the day.

  • Serums

    Snowberry anti-aging skin care serums are concentrated formulations to target specific causes of skin aging such as free radical activity, glycation (the stiffening of collagen and elastin by sugar molecules), inflammation and reduced natural production of skin-firming collagen, elastin and glycans. Note that there are two sizes for the New Radiance Face Serum. 

  • Sun Care


    We set great store by our sunscreens and most particularly, because of their importance in helping to prevent the premature ageing of skin, we invest substantially in ensuring that Snowberry sunscreens are of the highest possible quality. Recently, Consumer NZ tested our newest sunscreen, the Family+ SPF30 and showed that the sunscreen was not achieving its rated SPF. In fact SPF 20 as opposed to SPF30. As we have developed the new product on the basis of the already certified Active Outdoor SPF30, we fully expected it to comply when we subjected the sunscreen to certification with the USFDA. We have since discovered that a new supply of zinc oxide used in the Family+ and in our recent batches of Everyday SPF15 and Active Outdoor SPF30 also, is not meeting specification. Consequently, we have withdrawn all three products until we have reformulated with zinc oxide that will meet specification and we have re-tested to the NZ/Australian sunscreen standards.

    What our customers should know though, is that at SPF20 and being able to meet the internationally recognised Boots 3 star rating, the Family+ SPF 30 is nevertheless, an effective and safe broad-spectrum sunscreen. We expect to have all our sunscreens available again in the thrid quarter of 2018.



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