Sweet Dreams tonight!

Sweet Dreams tonight!
I am delighted to tell you that a product very close to my heart, is finally here! It's called Sweet Dreams Night Cream, and it's a honey!


Good night creams make a wonderful contribution to more relaxed, healthy skin. And that's the purpose of Sweet Dreams - to provide really effective moisture balance while soothing and calming your skin. It's the difference between feeling your skin is crying out for love in the morning, and feeling that it's wonderfully supple and refreshed. To do this, Sweet Dreams contains several important ingredients, and none more so than the pure Harakake seed oil that we harvest from the Snowberry Gardens. Harakeke is one of the lightest and finest natural oils I know, and personally, I love feeling the smoothness of this cream when I put it on, and thinking about the tuis singing as they fed on Spring nectar in the Harakeke flowers before we harvested the Autumn seed. I really feel that I'm channelling Nature directly into my skin! Moisturising and skin softening is enhanced with pure Shea butter and one of other all-time favourite natural oils - Macadamia! Then, Dr Badenhorst included intensely hydrating natural glycans to boost hydration and assist with cell renewal. And finally Sweet Dreams is infused with Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, which is a superb antidote to skin stress and redness, plus the powerful antioxidant, Ubiquinone to help quench harmful free radical activity.

You can think of Sweet Dreams Night Cream as being a bit like the 'little sister' to our Rejuvenating Night Cream. The main difference is that in Rejuvenating Night Cream, we combine a wider and more exotic range of emollients. But if budget is a concern, at just $54 the slightly simpler formulation in Sweet Dreams is a great alternative.

Sweet Dreams is in all leading stores and pharmacies this month!






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