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Special Xmas Gifts!

Special Xmas Gifts!
Four unique and collectable Snowberry Gifts Sets. Here's where to find them.

Life and Unichem

It’s ‘Refresh & Calm,’ and it contains the New Radiance Face Serum PLUS the delightful Soothing Facial Massage Oil. Normally $76, save $20! This gift is very suitable for men as well as women. Men really take to the forest fragrance in the Oil and it is wonderful as a light moisturiser with skin-calming qualities. Of course for women, the Oil is also a perfect top-up moisturiser, as well as being the ideal accompaniment to regular exfoliation.


This year, Farmers has two Xmas sets. The ‘Peptide Power’ set contains the Intensive Renewal Face Serum PLUS the Smoothing Eye Serum. Normally $176, save $30 on this luxury anti-ageing combination.

The ‘Pure Protection’ Gift set contains the New Radiance Face Serum, PLUS the So Soft Cleanser. Ideal for younger folk who really must ensure their cleanser protects the skin’s natural barrier during those challenging acne-prone years. Normally $69, save $15.

Independent stores and beauty salons

Find the ‘Snowberry Glow’ combination in independent stores and beauty salons everywhere. This set contains the New Radiance Face Serum PLUS the Simply Delicious Moisturiser. Normally $95, save $20!

We wish you Happy Xmas shopping, wherever you are!