Oops, sunscreens!

Oops, sunscreens!
Sometimes, one has a pretty large 'Oops!' in one's life. Well, we Snowberry folk have just had that kind of event...and it's all about sunscreens. Unfortunately, our Oops moment, reads like a national disaster! It is embarrassing to be sure, and it is something we have to rectify immediately, but we ask that you take a few moments to read on, to obtain information that perhaps gives a little more balance perspective...

Sunscreens are critically important anti-ageing skin care products. That's why we make them. And as it is with our anti-ageing serums, we put our sunscreens through mandatory testing to ensure they are the SPF they say they are. However, we made a mistake with our newest, Family+ SPF30. Although we based the formulation on our certified Active Outdoor SPF30, we also changed the supplier of the main sun block - the zinc oxide, and we did so purely to reduce the cost to our customers. So, when Consumer NZ tested the sunscreen along with those of other brands, and found that the Family+ was testing at SPF20, we were astonished and very, very mortified. Quite coincidentally, we had been about to send the sunscreen to the USA to be certified to USFDA standard. Realising it wouldn't meet the standard, we immediately tested the new zinc oxide and found that it did not meet specification. Consequently, we have reinstated a zinc oxide we know performs excellently, and as an added precaution, we are taking all of our sunscreens off the shelf until we've re-validated all of them. In doing so, we will reimburse any of our retailers or end customers, or exchange their purchase for another Snowberry product.   

Sunscreens are not so easy to understand - and most especially, the SPF scale is widely misunderstood. Please see an explanation of the SPF scale below. Once you have understood this, you will know that the Family+ even at SPF20, provides very good UV protection. 

The SPF or sun protection factor, measures the amount of UVB light blocked at a particular SPF. At SPF15 the amount of UVB light blocked, is 93%. What most people don't know, is that at SPF30, 97% of UVB is blocked; and at SPF50, there's virtually no measurable difference. In this respect, the Family + at SPF20, blocks around 95% of UVB where the SPF30 blocks 97% and the SPF15, 93%. The fact is, a broad spectrum SPF15 sunscreen, properly applied - and this means one third of a teaspoon to the face per application, provides very good sun protection. 

So, yes it 's an Oops! but we will always strive to make good on our promise to bring you the best skin care it's possible to make!



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