Just how much is Snowberry for a Lifetime worth?

Just how much is Snowberry for a Lifetime worth?
Of course, the first thing our lawyers asked was, 'have you calculated what that much Snowberry product - for a whole lifetime is worth? That you're giving away for free!' Well, we have, kind of, and it is rather a lot, depending on one's age of course!

Anyway, being lawyers (and they are quite nice people for all that!), they said that a Lifetime Gift like this has to have some CONDITIONS, like being up to a reasonable value each year ('capped' they call it) and stuff like that. So we said, ok, but make it as simple as possible for folks - we're not trying to write the Constitution. Anyway, they pursed their lips in a pretty legal way, but the good news is that they're working on them, so we're close to having the Deed of Gift and launching the 'Snowberry for Life' Competition. And a hint? Well, you can probably guess that you would receive a lot of Snowberry for let's say, $2,000 each year...after year, after year!


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